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Smart Financial Goals

How to set you Financial goals. Specific, achievable, timed, measurable, relevant.

How to become wealthy

How to become rich? Outline your money Goals the way to become wealthy.

Economic Growth

Economic growth increases when more people work more productively.

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Financial Markets May Affect Economy

Financial markets help to direct efficiently the flow of savings. It also directs investment flow in the economy. They do this in ways that facilitate the accumulation of capital. Furthermore, it facilitates the production not of goods but services as well. The combination of well-built financial markets and institutions suits the needs of lenders and borrowers and therefore the overall economy.

What are financial institutions and markets?

Financial markets, institutions and instruments provide opportunities for investors. With this, investors can specialize in particular services or markets diversify risks, or do both.

As compared to thinner markets with limited available securities, large financial markets provide more liquidity for market participants.

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How Banks Support The Economy

You all know that banks are financial intermediaries. Banks create the interface between borrowers and investors. They collect deposits from lenders and issue money to borrowers in the form of loans. Investors include, for instance, private households who put in part of their money profitably in the bank, but also the state or companies. Likewise, all economic actors can act as borrowers.

Companies need money to make investments. Private individuals take out loans if they want to buy a house or apartment, for example.  Also, private households can take out loans if they are planning a major purchase and the state also acts as the borrower.

The economic and money cycle

Banks are consequently essential players in the economic cycle. They play in the economic cycle alongside the state, private households, and companies. They ensure that the economic cycle remains in motion by sustaining the flow of money as intermediaries between the concern groups.

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Economic Growth & Accident Law Firm

Economic growth is a visible increase in the production of goods and services compared to the past. It is desirable and occurs naturally when national economies are on an upward trend.  There is growth in the economy if businesses produce and sell goods and services at a steady pace.

Economic growth: What does it matter for Rideshare accident law firm and why is it influenced?

It disappears from any discussion when there are economic and financial crises or when production and sales fail to be large enough to generate economic growth. Economic growth depends on revenues, but also on how governments manage countries’ economies.

Rideshare accident law firm: Why is economic growth important in the end

Economic growth does not occur overnight, more conditions must be met in order to be able to discuss economic growth. For example, Rideshare accident law firm need to have more production of goods and services, better sales, a much better-paid workforce that will do its job better. But you can very well see economic growth if you also have an economy that is on an upward trend.  There is economic growth if it has the necessary mechanisms to maintain a balance between all the processes that determine economic growth.Rideshare accident law firm

Economic growth helps states and provides more goods for citizens. Automatic taxes are applied, the state can have enough money to allocate the necessary resources for public goods and services that citizens really need, for education, health, social protection, essential public services. And when you have national economic growth, you also have more money in your employees’ pockets, their wealth increases.

They live better and work harder knowing that they are well paid hence the better results of their work. People spend more when there is economic growth and they manage to have a decent life, without material deprivation. Easier access to public goods and services has always been the basis for strong economic growth.

Politics is essential for economic growth. Although you have come across hypotheses that economics and economic growth should not be associated with politics, the truth is that without politics you cannot hope for economic growth. It is politics that dictates how economic growth happens and where its benefits are directed, to which sectors.


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Economy & Business Formation Lawyer

Steady and appropriate economic growth means an increase in the production of goods from an economic point of view. Other things being equal, this goes hand in hand with better care for society. Overall, this is interpreted as an increase in the material prosperity of society.

Business Formation lawyer: Reasons why economic growth is a goal

Increase in material prosperity: In order to achieve this goal, economic growth is a prerequisite. It includes not only an absolute increase in prosperity but also the reduction and elimination of material poverty.  Business Formation lawyer

Reducing unemployment or avoiding it: Regardless of how it is implemented, a market economy is characterized by competition. This competition promotes increases in productivity in companies in order to achieve higher revenues and ultimately profits. However, if economic growth remains the same, an increase in labor productivity leads to a decline in employment. After all, constant growth means that production in companies also remains constant.

Fiscal reasons: Put simply, economic growth means higher tax revenues for the state. This is where Business Formation lawyer comes in. Growth increases the tax base through increasing consumer spending or higher incomes. Even if the tax rates remain unchanged, the state will get more revenue. He can use this additional income for additional expenses that lead to an increase in the quality of life. For example, additional investments in the areas of education, environmental protection or health.

International influence: The “economic” size of a country is measured by GDP and economic growth. The larger a country is relative to the other countries, the more economic influence it can have on these other countries. One example is through additional payments in development policy or through pressure in the form of trade sanctions. In addition, a country’s share of the vote in some international organizations is measured by its GDP.

Business Formation lawyer: Benefits of economic growth

  • Growth increases the standard of living measured as GDP per capita
  • Economic growth secures employment
  • Growth means more tax revenue for redistribution and social policy

Business Formation lawyer: Disadvantages of economic growth

  • Growth destroys natural resources
  • Economic growth damages the environment
  • Growth means living at the expense of the next generation

The arguments against economic growth are almost all about dealing with limited resources and the associated consequences. In other words, it is about the conflicting goals of growth and the environment.

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4 Economic Advantages of Outsourcing

Indian call center agents


Outsourcing continues to grow across all industries and enterprises thanks to its many benefits. At the onset, reducing costs was a serious factor that drove companies to outsource a number of their operations. In recent years, that drive has expanded to incorporate the look for hard-to-find skills in specific locations.

No Additional Staff and Training Costs

According to a Forbes report, wracking up about £63 billion annually in opportunity losses for the U.K is an acute skills shortage specifically in information technology thanks to 600,000 unfilled tech jobs. Cases like these are driving businesses to depend upon outsourcing partners in Asia to fill those costly IT talent gaps, whether or not they are in support functions or in areas that involve new technologies like data analytics or machine learning.

Searching for professionals with highly specific skills costs a substantial amount of your time and money, to not mention the price of coaching new employees for his or her roles, welfare and other benefits, and tax issues.

With the expected increase in staff salaries within the Asia Pacific because of the growing complexity of skills and also the form of work, outsourcing specialized skills puts these costs on the service provider’s plate and takes it off a company’s.

No Software or Hardware Costs

Another important consideration to outsourcing is that the high cost of investment in software and hardware. Maintenance fees are incurred to stay the applications and equipment updated. Hardware expenses particularly involve electricity costs.

Outsourcing companies can help defray the value of pricey software and hardware by sharing these expenses among all of their customers. Moreover, choosing a specialist service provider gives an organization access to fashionable technologies.


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Independence from Labor Obligations

Human resources requirements often must befit legal regulations in various countries. Because the workers are the responsibility of the service provider who must meet overtime holiday pay, settlements, and other government-mandated requirements, outsourcing frees up enterprises from these legal obligations.

In challenging economic times, a corporation that outsources a number of its work isn’t subject to scale back employee count, pay settlements, or collective agreements. Outsourcing allows the corporate to pay just for the work that was successfully delivered.

Cost Transparency

Establishing a set price per task completed makes the utmost cost transparent and measurable. It’s helpful to test out cost comparisons of comparable tasks like accounting, human resource,s or software development in various countries.

Companies that outsource could also enjoy tax advantages, which vary looking on the country they outsource to. For instance, within the Philippines, “existing government programs include incentives like tax holidays, tax exemptions, and simplified export and import procedures” to encourage more investments, in line with the ASEAN Briefing. The report added that temporary reductions or eliminations of corporate taxes are what these tax incentives include.


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Role Of Finance In A Market Economy

Objective economic laws make the economic structure of any state. Modern states manage the market economy with the help of the state structure of the national economy.

The market is a sphere of manifestation of the economic relations between producers and consumers of goods

In a market economy, it is very important to know precisely the economic nature and content of its categories. Money, which fulfils its functions of means of circulation, is an intermediary between the act of purchase and the act of sale. In this function, money becomes capital.

The capital represents the money put into circulation and generating income from this turnover.

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4 Money Management Tips for Playing at Online Casinos

Old man holding out his money


People can now play online while remaining in their comfort bubble and interesting in other players. Because of this, online casinos have gained popularity everywhere on the planet. However, it makes no difference whether you play online or in person; the results can’t be predicted in either case.

Most of the time, you’re probably crossing your fingers that you’ll get lucky and win the sport. However, if you think you’re spending an excessive amount of money instead of gaining, it’s time to figure on your money management skills.

Especially as a beginner, it is difficult to plan your money responsibly. During this article, we’ll discuss some fantastic tips for managing your money while playing online.

Top Tips to Manage Money While Gambling Online

1. Bankroll management

Many casino addicts employ a particular money management strategy. This tends to reflect the unique nature of casino games nowadays, and specifically slots (or 슬롯 in Hangul). Thanks to the apparent nature of the games, appropriate bankroll management is far quite necessary when playing slots.

Simply put, the practice of keeping track of your investments in a web casino account is what bankroll management involves. this is often why creating and adhering to a budget is critical.

2. Stick with a budget plan

It is strongly advised that you simply never begin playing with more cash than you’ll afford to lose. This is often the very first rule you’ll learn, and it’s also the foremost important. Every session won’t be a positive experience. That’s a tough truth, so don’t put capital in danger that you simply simply cannot afford.

Pullbacks happen, regardless of what percentage years your lengthiest and most efficient baccarat winning session has been or perhaps what percentage blackjacks and winning books you’ve read, and if you may not have a bankroll that will manage these economic losses and downswings, you’ll simply lose your money. Thus, you wish to stay within a budget.


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3. Detach from emotions

Be hard on yourself when it involves digital losses still as what proportion you’re willing to lose during your next casino session, and don’t let your emotional responses overpower your wit.

While playing online casino games, do not get emotional. If you reach your session’s maximum loss, simply provide it an occasion and put down the phone. It’s tempting to do to play some more hands, but you recognize how often that doesn’t work.

As a result, setting a stop-loss limit within the first place is extremely beneficial. In this way, you’ll protect both yourself and your money. It’s better to be wise and think rationally instead of acting on uncontrollable urges because, at the ultimate moment of the day, you’re answerable for your actions.

4. Withdraw your winnings

pure profit and comes from the house is the money you’re left with. This suggests that your personal funds aren’t any longer in danger. Continue doing it each time you add extra to your initial stake, and after you’ve got doubled your original investment again using the house’s money.

You can call yourself a winning player if your previous failures don’t significantly outweigh these minor victories. Keeping your bankroll at the sum you initially invested also indicates that you simply are on the trail to smarter and more governed gaming.


In conclusion, you’ll find out how to successfully handle your bankroll and set yourself except the degenerate and spontaneous players if you are taking the recommendations given here. Keep a watch out for these red flags and recollect what you’ve learned today; you’ll be far better within the long term.


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Role Of Finance In A Market Economy

You base the economic structure of any state on objective economic laws. Modern states manage the market economy with the help of the state structure of the national economy, the fiscal system and the monetary system.

What is market economy?

A market economy is an economy based on the relationships that arise from the sale of goods on the market. Market relations involve different economic subjects and legal entities.  You can understand the socio-economic conditions for the sale of goods within the market.

The market is a sphere of manifestation of the economic relations between producers and consumers of goods

In a market economy, it is very important to know precisely the economic nature and content of its categories. Money is an intermediary between the act of purchase and the act of sale. In this function money becomes capital.

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The “Race for Space” Led Many UK Homebuyers to East and South East England

The spate of house-buying activities had boosted the value of UK homes in the open market to reach an overall total of GBP9.2 trillion as of October 14, 2021. While the so-called “race for space” was spurred by several factors, the buying events led many to East and South East England, where boroughs like Borehamwood has much to offer as affordable housing.

Reference to open market means the prices of the available homes are determined by the supply and demand. The trading system is not restricted to a specific area or impose limitations on who can participate.

The “race for space” was spurred by several factors, including the need to have a decent and more spacious dwelling now that companies are allowing employees to work from home. Yet the greatest motivating factor was the Stamp Duty Tax holiday promulgated by Chancellor Rishi Sunak in July 2020, after the country emerged from its first bout of lockdown. The tax break kept the housing market afloat and at the same time, helped UK citizens pursue plans of buying a home instead of paying monthly apartment rentals.

The Stamp Duty Tax offered a tax break applicable on the first £500,000 of the acquisition price of a property purchased in England or Northern Ireland. While many mortgage-ready UK citizens saw the tax break as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to reduce the cost of buying a home, Britons with super buying powers also took advantage of the tax break; but for investment purposes. As a result, demand exceeded the supply of available homes in the open market, and there was no other way for the prices to go but up.

Apparently many of those looking to invest had more focus on London properties, which also caused an increase in the prices of private homes in the Greater London Area. This left the open market for homes in the East and South East of England available to those looking for a better place and larger space to live in, at an affordable price.

Borehamwood Draws Attention as the Best Place to Live In

Many found their dream home in Borehamwood, a borough in Hertfordshire where several housing projects have been completed prior to the “race for space” triggered by the COVID-19 lockdown and the Stamp Duty Tax Holiday.

Even after the tax break ended last September 30, 2021, Borehamwood Estate Agents continue to receive numerous requests for house valuations. The race now is to find a home before the Chancellor raises the low interest rates imposed on housing loans.

While Borehamwood is already famous for being the home of many major film and TV studios, house buyers are pleased with what the borough has to offer as private housing choices. Moreover, they also like what they are hearing from the Hertsmere Borough Council regarding the economic developments plans lined up for Borehamwood.

The Hertsmere Borough Council recently announced that a state-of-the-art Hertswood Studio Complex that comes complete with a hotel will be constructed. The hotel will offer accommodation to arriving film and TV celebrities, crew members and tourists who will be using the studio complex. The real estate plans also include the development of additional affordable private homes and the construction of a new college that will operate alongside the existing Elstree Screen Arts Academy

Even those looking for housing but unable to afford the private homes up for sale in the open market, have high hopes that they’ll be able to buy a low-cost home in Borehamwood. Many are banking on the Hertsmere Borough Council’s affordable housing schemes to make home buying possible for those couldn’t buy from the open market. Such schemes include “shared ownership,” “older people’s shared ownership,” “rent-to-buy,”  obtain home equity and “ home ownership for people with long-term disability.”

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Driving Slow Can Lessen Accident

The chance of an accident is a lot smaller for drivers of cars that are equipped with systems that warn if something is about to go wrong. Sounds logical, but there is no evidence for it, based on data from insurance claims after accidents. These data show that cars with such a system are involved in accidents less often than cars without driver assistance. This is shown by research by the Data Analytics Center (DAC) of the Dutch Association of Insurers.


Reduce impact

“The risk of an accident can be reduced by as much as 50 to 65 percent,” said Richard Weurding, director of the Association. Last year more than 600 people were killed in traffic. “With these systems, that impact can be reduced, thereby lowering costs for society.”

Two traffic deaths a day: ‘Road safety must be a priority

Of all the so-called Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), the Lane Keep Assist appears to contribute the most to safety. With this system, which warns you if you are about to get out of your lane and make adjustments, the chance of an accident is 67 percent smaller.

‘Developments are going fast

“Developments have gone very fast in recent years, especially because the chips are becoming increasingly intelligent,” says Jos van der Meij of Volvo dealer Broekhuis from Zeist.


The so-called Rear Collision Warning system, which warns if a collision from behind is imminent, reduces the risk of an accident by 50%. This system warns the next driver to avoid the collision, and if that doesn’t work, it tightens the seat belts to better protect the car’s occupants from the impact. It also applies the brakes to the vehicle. The system that warns drivers about pedestrians, cyclists, and other vehicles in their blind spots also reduce the risk of an accident by a third.

Not all systems are favorable

Incidentally, not all driving aids are good for safety. The risk of accidents is actually greater when using cruise control and parking assistance, according to the research.

More accidents with injured people in 750 towns and cities: road safety targets not met

At the ANWB they also see disadvantages when using the driver aids. “Some systems give the impression that the car is self-driving,” says Chris Hottentot of the ANWB. This is the case, for example, with Adaptive Cruise Control, in which the car automatically keeps a sufficient distance from the vehicle in front.

Call to politics

According to RAI spokesperson Floris Liebrand, the car industry association is a strong supporter and even advocates for tax incentives to encourage its use. This could be accomplished by exempting the systems from the BPM, the passenger car purchase tax, or simply lowering the tax.

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Financing For Economy and Business

A good business idea is not enough to start a business and help the economy. Founders usually also need start-up capital. If the equity capital is not enough, start-ups can receive financing and subsidies.

The government, the state and some non-government organizations offer company founders appropriate support. There are numerous financing and funding offers that business owners can choose from. These are non-repayable grants, subsidized loans and guarantees in the event of missing collateral. In rare cases, founders also use equity and venture capital to make their dream come true. They can make their dream come true and help the economy.

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Why the G20 Economies Should Push for Other Reforms Related to Tax Havens

The global financial impact of tax havens in foreign jurisdictions and in the U.S. is no longer an afterthought that major countries intend to address later. Currently, members of the G20 coalition have agreed it’s high time that a universal minimum corporate tax be instituted. While the main purpose is to make investing in tax havens not as lucrative as before, will tax havens also be compelled to prevent the creation of the so-called shell corporations.

The recent Pandora Papers released by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, divulged the broad scope of who and how tax havens have been tipping the balance of wealth in favor not only of the elite, but also of political figures, charismatic religious leaders, well-known celebrities and even suspected drug lords.

Will the G20’s Universal Minimum Corporate Tax Eliminate the Adverse Impacts of Offshore Investments?

To be clear, offshore investing in tax havens is not an evil practice, it’s the abuse and exploitation of legal loopholes that have made the practice seemingly illegal.

Many asset managers based in tax havens include mutual fund platform providers that give opportunities for hard-working individuals to invest their money on higher earning investment products. However they are limited to shares of stocks and bonds as considerations are made on clients’ individual tolerance for risks.
Einvestment for one is a Cayman Islands-based mutual investment platform focused on maintaining a well balanced portfolio from which their clients earn extra income regularly.

While an understanding of how tax havens worked first came to the light during the 2008 financial crisis, tax havens did not pose as immediate economic concerns. The general nuance was that big corporations, financial institutions and wealth managers of the elite, were using tax havens as means of reducing investment risks, whilst increasing the potential earnings of portfolios.

However, the Panama Papers, a documentary released in 2017, made it known that governments have been losing as much as $500 to $600 billion in corporate tax revenues from the total funds invested in offshore holdings in all known tax havens. That being the case, the US Congress passed a tax reform in 2017 requiring all resident corporations to pay a minimum tax of 35%. Still, this was cut down to 21% through an amendment passed by the Republican-led Congress under the Trump administration.

Yet the tax reform did not stop other Fortune 500 companies from transferring their funds to tax havens as there are other legal but technically, illegal means by which payment of substantial amounts of taxes can be avoided. This simply required using dummy corporations a.k.a. shell companies established and registered in tax havens.

Why Shell Companies are of Greater Concern?

According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) most tax havens are not keen on regulating companies established in their jurisdictions. That is so because the substantial franchise fees collected in relation to their registration and establishment are their main source of government revenues.

Shell companies registered in tax havens have no other purpose but to shield the funds of foreign investors from the prying eyes of tax agencies and financial regulators of their home country. Tax havens turn a blind eye to the lack of economic purpose of shell company, as alternative incentives for foreign investors.
However, the use of dummy companies was further abused as wealth managers have also been using them as asset protection for wealthy clients not only in terms of tax evasion, but also against potential litigation arising from legal problems like divorce settlements.
Gabriel Zucman, an economist devoted to studying the reasons behind the inequality of income and taxes has one simple solution to end the inequities of offshore investing in tax havens. This University of California, Berkeley researcher recommends an international ban on shell companies and similar entities that have no economic contributions in their place of registrations.

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Investing You Finances In 해외선물Stocks

Many people consider investing their money in stocks. Quite rightly! But you shouldn’t do this unprepared.

Investing in 해외선물: Get started with these simple tips

Investing in 해외선물 tip 1: Understand what you are investing in

It sounds mundane but you should understand what your money is in. If you are interested in a special share and don’t just want to rely on your good nose, you should take a look at the current quarterly figures, analyst reports and economic forecasts.

You use the expertise of 해외선물 professionals and prefer to invest in an equity fund or stock market.


Investing in 해외선물 tip 2: Don’t bet everything on one card

If you want to get into stocks, but still want to take a little less risk, so-called mixed funds are interesting. They invest the money not only in stocks but also in interest-bearing securities. Depending on how the fund managers assess the markets, the proportion of shares can sometimes be reduced.

You distribute your money between stocks AND bonds.

Investing in 해외선물 tip 3: Only invest available capital

You should only invest capital in the capital market that is not otherwise planned for you. If you know that you will need the money to earn a living, hands-off. You should avoid a fixed point of sale, which could then be particularly unfavourable.

Investing in 해외선물 tip 4: be patient with your system

When investing money in the stock market, you need a lot more patience. It is better not to bet on the fast dollar. A good idea, on the other hand, is to regularly save with a fund savings plan.

When you need quick profits, you will inevitably have to make a risky investment. That can go well, but far too often beginners, in particular, fall into a trap here. Because with an unbalanced portfolio, you could end up bare.

Investing in 해외선물 tip 5: Don’t let losses make you nervous

Exchange rate fluctuations are quite normal and occur again and again. This is not a misfortune. On the contrary, it is a sign that the securities markets are functioning and that supply and demand are changing. Prepare for corrections to take place and do not panic and act actively.

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The Impact of iPhone on the Economy



Apple unveiled a few goods on Sept. 9, but the celebrity of this attraction was obviously the most recent iteration of its iPhone. It’s possible to make several financial observations concerning the multinational technology giant smartphone.

For starters, it’s incredible how much one product can lead to the world’s biggest market. Following the prior iPhone came out about this time this past year, investment bank JPMorgan Chase’s main U.S. economist Michael Feroli estimated that iPhone earnings were incorporating one-quarter to one-third of a percentage point into the annualized growth rate of the gross domestic product (GDP).

Apple has marketed 220 million iPhones at $650 per unit average within the last calendar year. But to ascertain that the iPhone’s donation to the U.S. market, we’d have to compute not earnings, but worth added. A device prices Apple $200 to create. Creating the simplifying assumptions that each of these prices are erased, which of Apple’s employees have been in the U.S., a telephone’s gross margin of $450 will be equivalent to its value included. The whole value-added of this iPhone would subsequently be $99 billion, or 0.58% of the 17 trillion American markets.

Nonetheless, this isn’t Feroli’s unique claim. To compute that the iPhone’s contribution for increase, we’d have to be familiar with quarterly growth in earnings. Whatever the situation, we’d also take under account the ripple impact of spending data programs, accessories, programs, and the similar iPhone earnings create – what we call “multiplier effects” On the other hand, it’s also wise to recall 19th-century economist Frédéric Bastiat’s “fallacy of the broken window”: Money spent on a busted window might have been spent on something different.


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Whatever the instance, the iPhone shows more about the international market than the American market. To begin with, its manufacturing process exemplifies international value chains (GVCs); the rarest earth minerals utilized in iPhone components are now mined from Mongolia, whereas the components themselves are manufactured not by Asian electronics giants in Japan, Korea, and Taiwan, but also by Europe’s largest semiconductor chip manufacturer. The phones themselves have been built in China. Turkey figures in this manufacturing series since the nation has not handled to become a part of GVCs.

But, our magnificent country can maintain its share of iPhone glory by function as the next most expensive nation, following Brazil, to purchase one especially when buying Rent To Own Iphones. Whereas typical iPhone prices around $650 from the U.S. and Canada, it’s priced more than $1,100 and $1,000 in Brazil and Turkey, respectively. That sum would constitute just 1.6 percent of their median family income in the USA, however 9.5 and 7.2 percentage in these states – and 39.3% in the considerably weaker Indonesia.

The high costs are almost completely due to high tariffs and import taxes, representing the issue of performing business in the two states. However, in spite of their hard investment climates in addition to dwindling economic prospects, Brazil and Turkey would be the only nations with Apple shops within their own regions, and that, in a sense, reflects their mainly unrealized potentials.

The question of whether these potentials could be accomplished is a completely different thing, however – particularly provided that these nations have a president that ignored past season’s iPhone as being “just like the past.”


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The Importance of Small Business

When you hear of the word business you would probably think of certain brands and companies you interact with everyday like Walmart, Apple, Google etc. These are considered big businesses. These are companies that employ thousands of people all across the country. If they decide to set up a shop, they can provide hundreds of jobs to local communities. But unfortunately big businesses are often vulnerable to changing market conditions and economic cycles which can lead to widespread job loss or even recession. If big businesses post a big risk, should communities look to them for stability? What if small business more than big business holds the future for economic growth.

Small business includes companies with anywhere from 1-500 employees. Don’t let the numbers fool you. Small business is more important than you think. Most American businesses are small businesses. Small business makes up 99.7% of all US employer firms. Businesses less than 20 workers make up 89.6%. These businesses pull their way up to the market. The 28 million small businesses in America account for 55% of all U.S sales. Small businesses is also crucial for job creation. Since the 1970’s, small businesses have provided 55% of all jobs. In the 1990’s, while big businesses have eliminated more than 4 million hobs, small businesses have added 8 million jobs. It’s clear that small businesses has a big impact on the economy.


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How is Business Influenced by Immigration?

Two thirds of U.S economic growth since 2011 has been greatly attributed to migration. The same study found that U.S immigrants are two to three times more likely than U.S natives to do things like start a company or create a patented innovation. Researchers say this because they see migration as a risk. Meaning the type of person who chooses to migrate tends to be more entrepreneurial. This entrepreneurial spirit may be why migrants have started 30% of American businesses, despite making only 15% of the population. Forty percent of Fortune 500 companies where started by immigrants. Another study found out that most businesses have immigrant founders. These businesses employ an average of 1200 people each. While these trends are impressive, they do skew toward higher skilled migrants. Both high and low skilled migrants contribute to higher productivity. But despite this, why is there so much backlash against immigrants? While immigration helps an economy overall, those benefits aren’t felt evenly across society. Many migrants face a language barrier, which can mean, integration may take a while, but they are still able to contribute to a country’s economy through fast growing scientific and technical industries, where they don’t necessarily need to command as many communication skills.

Lower skilled migrants who came to America illegally also skew towards jobs that don’t require communication. But there’s one industry that relies on undocumented workers here in the US. More than half of all hired farmers are estimated to be undocumented. This sector has the highest share of unauthorized workers. Following farming, is construction, where about 15% of its workers are undocumented. Overall immigration’s effect on American wages are very small. But it has pushed down wages in these industries, particularly farming and construction. The country’s existing immigrants are likely to be impacted by newer immigrants and lower wages. That’s followed by American born high school drop-outs where wages can fall between 2 and 5 percent. But some argue these are jobs native-born Americans don’t want and that lower wages are indirectly helping local businesses succeed and then grow. A booming economy would mean native born residents will see more opportunities in better paid industries like sales and personal services, both of which require a command in the English language. Low wages in the farming sector would mean lower food cost for the consumer.

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How Do We Measure Economic Growth

When we hear about economic growth in the news or other platforms, we often refer it to GDP. GDP stands for growth domestic product and while it may sound complex, the concept is actually pretty simple. If you add it up, the value of all the goods and services produced in a country over a specific period of time, the result will be GDP. Or equivalently, if you add up all the incomes earned by people in the country over the course of the year, this will be GDP to. GDP is one way of measuring the size of a country’s economy. It will also determine whether the economy is growing over time. The citizens with a country with high GDP are likely to have high incomes and high standards of living.

If GDP continuously increases people will be earning and spending more. Businesses will be likely to be hiring and investing more. People are likely to be feeling better of. On the other hand if GDP growth is weak or falling, companies would likely be cutting jobs. People will be earning and spending less. Clearly, GDP isn’t all that matters in life. Nevertheless, economic growth still matters because it is correlated to the improvement of health, wealth and our happiness.

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Finance and the Real Economy

Every people has a role to play in the Global economy just like banks who also play an important role in the Economy. Their role is to be a trusted enabler for economic stability and growth. When there is distrust in this sectors, the effects and consequences can be devastating.

Banks have a crucial role in transforming savings to investments. Banks and other financial institutions are also known as Financial intermediaries. They provide a crucial link to those who line to lend and to borrow.

Governments allow banks to grow bigger because they play a crucial role in the society and economy. Here are some of its important roles:

  • They are the experts in channeling funds. They have the expertise in channeling funds to areas that yields high return thus attracts more deposits.
  • Based on their expertise they give expert advice to its clients. They can advise on where to save and how to borrow.
  • Banks perform a Maturity transformation. Banks are willing to lend money long-term.
  • Banks transform risks. You do not know all companies well and you don’t want to risk lending them money. Banks know their clients, they can assess these risk and lend.
  • We use the banking system to transmit payments for consumption, utility bills and more.
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AU Consumers Today Hire Licensed Finance Brokers When Looking for Loans

Australian consumers now appreciate the important role played by licensed finance brokers; more so now that people need safe and affordable credit facilities. After the Royal Commission brought to light in 2019, the misconduct and malpractices of some major banks, those in need of a financing instrument are now wary of applying directly with banks.

Why AU Automotive Consumers are Seeking Help from Licensed Finance Brokers?

People who had plans of buying a new vehicle prior to the pandemic had to put such plans aside, as they are waiting for the government to implement the reforms recommended by Royal Commissioner Kenneth Hayne. Their concern is that as most industries are all working toward economic recovery, they have to make sure that if they do get approved for a car loan, they will be taking on a financial obligation that they can afford to pay.

After all, Commissioner Hayne had summed up in his 2019 report that the scandals were due to the profit-driven culture that has been pervading for years in financing industries and car dealerships.

Many consumers understand that car loan rates depend on certain factors affecting their creditworthiness as individual loan applicants. Yet if they have to pay high rates, consumers will not be able to pay the monthly terms if banks will pre-approve them based on their standard terms and schemes. Although there are numerous banking and financing institutions in Australia, not all consumers have the ability to discern which pre-approved loan will not put them at a financial disadvantage.


What Kind of Financial Services do AU Auto Finance Brokers Render?

While a financial adviser can help clients devise a financing strategy that will enable them to purchase a new vehicle on credit, highly experienced and well-connected auto finance brokers can do more.

In addition to crafting a loan scheme based on a client’s pre-approved loan amount, expert finance brokers also commit to finding and negotiating a loan facility with a lender. Not just any lender, but one who is willing to work out a car finance deal based on the loan scheme deemed as beneficial to their client .

The licensed finance brokers in National Loans Australia for one, commit to helping even Australians with poor credit history. That is regardless of the reason; whether due to mismanagement of one’s finances or as a result of certain natural disasters or catastrophic events like the pandemic. NLA’s team of finance experts believe that everyone deserves a chance to obtain safe and affordable loans.

Generally, reputable finance brokers like National Loans Australia, have long standing relationships with several banks and fintech lenders. The latter are the likeliest providers of second-chance loans because unlike traditional banks, fintechs source funds from individual investors willing to expose their money in high-risk but high-interest loans.

To make peer-to-peer loan arrangements mutually beneficial for both investors and borrowers, .the terms of the loan will be customized in accordance with the financial capability of the borrower. In most cases, the licensed finance broker will collect and hold the monthly payments due from borrowers to ensure timely settlements.

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Fed Chair’s Optimism, Pause of J&J Vaccine, Spur Mixed Trading in Stock Markets

In last Sunday’s CBS 60 Minute interview, Fed. Reserve Chair Jerome Powell expressed optimism that the vaccination programs will spur growth in the U.S. economy. Mr. Powell made the comment as a reflection on the past week’s U.S. stock market trading, which yielded record high indices. However, things took a different turn on Tuesday, after U.S. federal health officials issued a “pause” order in the administration of Johnson & Johnson’s COVID-19 vaccine.

The order came amidst rising concerns on cases of rare blood clots occuring in a number of individuals who received a JNJ vaccination shot. Dr. Anthony Fauci said in a press briefing that the review of J&J’s vaccine by medical experts and healthcare authorities, will take days up to weeks to resolve.

As official health reports have it, more than 6.8 million of J&J’s single-dose shots have already been administered across the U.S. Six cases of severe blood clots have been reported as after effects on individuals who were inoculated with the J&J vaccine.

Although Johnson & Johnson strongly supports the sharing of information to the public and healthcare professionals, trading at Wall Street have since been seeing mixed reactions from investors as a result of the pause order.

Financial Markets Exhibiting Mixed Trading After the J&J Vaccine Pause

The Dow dipped, as Johnson & Johnson’s shares took a hit, falling by 2.7% single-month low due to the US FDA and Centres for Disease Control’s (CDC’s) joint announcement of the J&J vaccine pause. Nonetheless, trading of U.S. crude rose sharply, after the International Energy Agency raised its 2021 annual forecast for global oil demand.

Technology shares made gains at Nasdaq, particularly in relation to Coinbase’s direct listing debut. Listed as COIN, the largest cryptocurrency trader in the U.S. saw 31% gains from trading shares starting at Nasdaq’s current reference price of $250

Initially, the S&P 500 market exhibited little changes but trading improved after the federal health agencies’ announcement of the J&J vaccine pause, as investors started focusing on technology-related stocks.

Ask Trader Analysts Draw Attention to Their Review of Investment Brokers

While U.S. stock trade is currently mixed, readers who are still new to investing and currently looking for investment brokers, should read Ask Trader’s review of investment brokers offering their services online. Ask Trader’s tradeo review for one, was performed by a team of expert investment analysts to provide information on what the said broker is offering as investment options.

Tradeo specializes in brokering Contracts for Differences or CFDs, which although available for a range of assets like commodities, shares and foreign exchange does not involve actual ownership or physical delivery of such assets. CFDs merely allow traders to speculate on the future market movements of traded assets.

Based in Cyprus, and registered under the business name UR TRADE FIX Ltd and goes by the online name of Tradeo, take note that it is not FCA licensed. Primarily, this broker offers social trading services, a form of investing that mainly focuses on the trading behaviors of expert traders and peers. In doing so, Tradeo trading software supports the free-to-use Meta Trader 4 platform commonly used for foreign-exchange trading, but if compared to other foreign exchange brokers, it has fewer assets to offer.

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What is Hyperinflation

People are familiar with the word inflation but we rarely hear the term hyperinflation. This is defined as an inflation gone wild. This can happen when a country prints a lot of money because they don’t have other way of getting revenue. It is defined also when the countries’ inflation rate exceeds 50% per month. Hyperinflation usually occurs when the economy is weak and there is a shock caused by war, international isolation or natural disasters.

Effects of hyperinflation:

  • Prices go up exponentially. A piece of bread can cause thousand of dollars.
  • Hoarding of goods thus making prices higher. It affects the supply and demand of basic goods, commodities and services.
  • Too much printed money will end up with a limited number of goods and confidence among people can disappear.
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Enigmas of Finance

A progressive approach to the transformation of economic life requires that finance be enlisted in the service of the productive agenda of the society. In the existing market economy, there are three enigmas about finance:

  1. The production system is self-financed by the retained and reinvested earnings of private firms. For most, the financing of production relies on funds generated within the production system itself.
  2. In good times, finance is largely indifferent to the real economy. In bad times, it becomes destructive. The real economy goes along by itself, financing itself from within. In bad times its becomes destructive. This is shown in crisis and volatility in economics which can over flow and threaten real economic activity.
  3. The financing of the creation of new assets in new ways is a miniscule part of financial activity. We can relate this very much to venture capital.

All these enigmas have the same fundamental cause. The cause is the looseness between finance and production. The financial structure grows. Its contribution to real productive activity and innovation is completely disproportionate to its parasitic relation to the economy. The best way to make finance less dangerous is to make it more useful.

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Sustainable Investment

When learning about sustainable finance it is vital to be knowledgeable about the financial market. A financial market can be compared to a device that gets money from Investors and will distribute it to entrepreneurs who needs money for their businesses. In return, these businesses will promise money to the investors. Depending on the business these investments come with some risks. Many investors rely so much on the Risk or Return Profile. This is when sustainable finance comes in. Sustainable finance is responsible in checking the risk and return of any investment. How this investment can impact any potential investor?

Sustainable Finance is also responsible to look in the following. What is the effect of the investment on the following?

  • Environmentally
  • Socially
  • Politically

These impact related issues is very vital in the decision making of investors and matters in the risk profile. Many investors prefer a more sustainable investment since it showcases a whole new perspective to investors.


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Solving Your Debt Collection Problem With A Reliable Debt Collection Agency

A positive cash flow is extremely crucial to ensure the success of any kind of business, and when businesses succeed, the economy greatly benefits. But for some, keeping up and maintaining this flow of cash is challenging. Apart from continuously monitoring and tracking income and expenses, you also need to make certain you don’t spend beyond your actual revenues. Moreover, there is this recurring challenge of collecting invoices or payments from clients or customers.

In an ideal business setting, you will receive payment from your client or customer as soon as you have delivered or provided the goods and/or services to them. Sadly, this is hardly ever the case in the actual world. While there are clients who promptly settle their invoices or accounts, many aren’t as reliable as the other clients or customers. Because of this, a lot of businesses are left to deal with an accumulating pile of invoices or accounts that are unpaid. And the longer these debts are left unpaid, the more difficult it would be to retrieve them.

However, between managing and supervising your staff, business operations, as well as other important daily tasks, where and how will you ever find the time to follow up and pursue these delinquent debts or invoices.

Solving Your Debt Collection Problem

One of the best solutions to your debt collection problem is to contract out to a third-party debt collection agency, like Frontline Collections, your debt collection process. Why is working with a debt collection agency a smart solution to this problem? Let’s have a look at a few of the major reasons why it is:

Diverse Debt Recovery Methods and Tools

Professional debt collection agencies have diverse debt recovery methods as well as an extensive range of tools and resources that would effectively and efficiently help in the debt recovery process. For example, by means of skip tracing, a reliable debt collection agency can assist you in tracking down clients who have severed all contacts with you. You then move closer towards recovering unpaid accounts.

Comprehensive Documentation

When debt collection agencies try to communicate with debtors, they keep a detailed record of all these attempts. In the event you come to a decision to take legal actions against a debtor, this comprehensive documentation can be very useful as you will be able to prove or show evidence to the court your extensive efforts to communicate with your client in order to retrieve the debt.  This documentation is also helpful when you opt to claim bad debts in the form of tax deductions as this will attest the due diligence you made to recover the debt owed to you.

Legal Protection

In the debt collection industry today, there is a multitude of regulations and laws governing on how should these commercial debts be pursued and recovered. Reliable debt collection agencies are aware, understand and adhere to these laws and regulations. Hence, you avoid and legal problem when it comes to the debt collection process.

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BPO Industries and Its Contribution to the Economy

The booming BPO industry in many developing countries has been very advantageous to the economy of these countries. The countries had benefitted both financially and economically. Many countries like the Philippines has been building e-commerce Centers in different key locations to serve the growing demand for office spaces. This sustained expansion will provide more jobs to people. This will definitely be one of the Top drivers of the economy. The commitment of E Commerce to contribute to the growth of the economy is firm. Many have invested heavily on infrastructure, computer devices and others to cater to the demand of the BPO sector, which is currently on a winning streak. The BPO industry is continually shinning throughout the past years. It had contributed to growth on economic revenues which is fueled by the rising demand for outsourcing services.

How the BPO Industry Has Helped the Philippine Economy Put It On the Global Business Map and the Roa

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Restoring Back The Economy

Governments in some countries has passed their annual budget for the year. Many countries realize that their public finances are on the mend. With the emerging signs of slower economic activity and the prospect of higher global interest rates due to this pandemic some economist predicts that it still be a tough year to catch up with the crisis we are facing because of COVID 19. Many countries have allotted a big chunk of its budget in purchasing the vaccine needed to immune people from the virus. Many governments have stated its intention to spend billions of dollars on the purchase of vaccines from legitimate pharmaceuticals who supply the vaccine. Nations hope to vaccinate its citizens, a move that will gradually help restore back the economy.

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Responsible Gambling Programs By Online And Land-based Casinos

These days, web-based gambling websites such as WinSlotCasino are reveling in great success. The popularity and prevalence of online gambling websites aren’t only because of the numerous lucrative rewards and bonuses they offer, but also of the security as well as the fair gambling games they offer. These makes internet-based gambling sites like WinSlotCasino very fascinating and appealing to millions of players from around the globe.

Online Casinos Brings In Millions In Tax Revenue

Players who regularly play at land-based casinos have now discovered the opportunities of playing at an online gambling website. Unlike a traditional casino, online casino platforms provide an extensive range of games. All of these are safe to play and engage in as these are developed by reliable casino games software developers. And governments who have recognized the potentials of online gambling, which includes sports betting, have legalized and regulated the activity. Because of this, governments have earned millions in tax revenue which in turn benefits economies. While this is a good thing for the economy, governments as well as licensed online (as well as offline) casinos need to implement programs to promote and ensure responsible gambling.

Responsible Gambling and Gaming Programs

Responsible gambling and gaming programs are fundamental and vital for any business operating in the casino gaming industry in the United States. The primary purpose of these programs is to make certain that their clients enjoy the casino games they offer in a responsible and mindful way.

Before an online casino is given a license by the proper licensing authority, they need to go through a rigorous process to ensure they pass the standards and criteria stipulated by the regulating and licensing body. This includes implementing responsible gambling programs.

Some Elements Of Responsible Online Gambling Programs

The online gambling industry provides millions of dollars every year to efforts and initiatives promoting responsible gaming and gambling. Among these are to support the research of best responsible gaming practices, development as well as dissemination of educational materials to both patrons and stakeholders, and provide extensive and continuing training of employees. Below are some major elements that a responsible gambling program should have.

  • Responsible Advertising. When creating advertisements and campaigns, they shouldn’t have claims that are false, deceitful or misleading. The ads should also have messages that campaign for responsible gambling and provides a toll-free help-line and organizations to contact to seek help if their gambling gets out of hand.
  • Self-restriction. Online casinos implement limits on their patron’s credits or gameplays as a way to promote and employ responsible gambling.
  • Awareness Information. For land-based casinos, written materials that inform patrons about responsible gambling, such as posters and pamphlets, should be posted and be available. This is similar to online gambling websites, there should be a section making their patrons aware of responsible gambling.

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The Way to Avoid Spending More After a Car Crash

Car Crash


Lately, my wife had been involved in a car crash and we had been looking back on the whole circumstance. We’ve understood that there have been a few ways we might have saved ourselves a little money. I’d love to recount a little bit of my expertise and a number of lessons I learned from the hopes that if you’re someday presented using a similar scenario, you could have the ability to keep a bit more cash in your pocket.

Quite briefly, my spouse was involved in a car collision. It had been her fault but nobody had been hurt. She had been counseled by “somebody” there was engine harm to the automobile and it could not be forced. The car had been towed to the closest automobile body shop to get a $100 charge. It took over three months to complete the fix.

We learned there was really no motor damage to the vehicle, so we might have pushed it home. Additionally, the store billed us far too much money for the fix after we afterward compared prices with different garages. To make things worse, the leasing my spouse drove for 3 months wasn’t covered under our coverage. This came to approximately $750 out of pocket for the rental.

Listed below are 6 things that I learned from this experience:

Cool Away

The very first thing I’d recommend is to not make any significant decisions about the repair of your vehicle or other things regarding the crash shortly after the injury happens. I believe that the number one issue of yours ought to be the security and wellness of you and some other loved ones and nothing else. Do not be concerned about when/if to tow the vehicle, in which to choose action, exactly what repairs you will want to have completed, or something else.

Give yourself a while to get on the stress of this crash. Call law enforcement, get your vehicle off the street and find any medical care which you might need. Be certain the injury has been correctly documented and recorded, particularly if another driver is responsible so he or she can’t escape accountability. Everything else could wait. I would say until the following moment.

Safeguard Yourself Financially

If any repairs are required and you’re insured, most likely you will not be paying for the entire price of this repair. Do you understand what that tells me? Some individuals might not have your best interests in mind. Significantly, the insurer (determined by how long you know/trust these ) and whatever substitute area you pick. Even though you might not be paying for your whole price of the fix from the pocket, then you can be certain of how the greater the bill, the higher your premiums are the next time you renew. And if you are the one who caused the accident, you can get car crash loans to prevent you from breaking your bank by paying off your liabilities.


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Know Your Coverage

I believe that it’s safe to state that most of us understand to call our insurance company following a collision. Nonetheless, in addition, this is an excellent time to assess your policy together or to affirm what you could possibly be likely to get done is coated. A complete example: in case your vehicle is unable to be pushed, and you’ll expect a lease, will be your price of the rental insured under your policy? There’s nothing worse than believing you’re insured for something which you aren’t. Know where you stand until you move.

Can You Drive the Vehicle?

I would like to be quite careful what I say as not to deceive you. Should you’re drivable, and it looks like there’s not any significant engine damage, I would seriously look at driving your car house before making any additional repair choices. However, be very careful. Driving a vehicle following a collision may cause additional harm, but in case you have any understanding of an auto and its internal workings, then you ought to have the ability to ascertain yourself.

In case it looks like the harm is strictly into the entire body of the automobile, think about just forcing it home. This way, you will have more peace of mind (and much not as urgency) to earn any repair conclusions. Additionally, physical harm aside, be certain that you are in the ideal psychological state of the mind to drive the car following the crash.

Shop It Around

In case you’ve got reliable transport post-accident and are not in a rush to get your vehicle repaired, I would “shop around” the fix for your vehicle. Perhaps you can not receive any particular quotations, but you’re still able to call a couple of body shops to acquire a sense of how they operate, if you enjoy them or not, etc. You can ask about quotes, turnaround time (just how much time it will require your fix), warranties, and so on. Just tiny online research might not be advisable. There is nothing worse than simply picking up the yellow pages and deciding upon the body store closest to you personally.

Consider Your Choices

I would also keep all of your options open for you prior to making the last choice. If the damage is small, you might choose to think about not filing with your insurance provider. Again in the event that you trust your own insurance broker, talk together about the total price of these repairs. When it’s small enough, then it may make more sense in the future to pay for this out of pocket with no even submitting, since it might increase your premiums greater than what it might cost you.

Additionally, think about your repair choices. I have talked about my “group of connections” on lots of occasions previously. It can be immensely beneficial to have a varied and knowledgeable group of buddies. If you do not have a “body shop man” in your circle, then attempt to locate one. They shouldn’t be tough to discover. I understand many that operate in the business. They’re great individuals to visit for information post-accident about your fix, and should they operate an independent store, you can save a lot of money by accepting your fix to them. If you do not know one, I wager that you have a friend or relative that does. There’s nothing more precious than a fair evaluation of the harm.

An automobile crash and its aftermath could be quite a stressful time for everybody involved. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that you should throw all frequent sense out the window and invest your own money unnecessarily. Be sure of their health and security of everybody involved, but try to take a step back and consider prior to making any conclusions concerning the repair of your vehicle. Making the proper decision could help save a great deal of cash while creating the incorrect or uninformed one can cost you considerably.


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The Ingredients of Economic Growth

Governments have different perspective on Economic Growth. Yet these aspects are very vital in making an economy stable and rich.
Economic Growth must have these four important ingredients:
  • Domestic Private Investment: Its the volume of the money citizens invest within their own country.
  • Agreeable Demographics: It’s the increased volume of people entering the workforce. There should be more people in the workforce rather versus them leaving it. This would cause a positive effect to the economy, it will grow to be more rich and productive.
  • Sound Money: A nation does not experience sudden fluctuation in its currency. A nation must not experience sudden depreciation or appreciation in its purchasing power.
  • Free markets. It’s when the prices and wages in a certain country have unregulated competition. This should happen among businesses and the government removing the fear of monopolies.

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Why The Forex Market Is A Great Place To Trade

Trading in the forex market is heavily monitored, and where brokers in the market are regulated by numerous authorities. This shows that the Foreign Exchange market is a safe and secure to trade in, however this true only to forex brokers who are regulated. Hence, when deciding to hire a forex broker, it is imperative to make certain you choose a regulated, reliable and trusted one.

The Foreign Exchange Market

In Brazil, there are several established melhores corretoras forex. Not only are they the best in the market, but are also the most trusted. Apart from helping traders become efficient and effective in the forex market, they also offer help to the local population in other forms of investments such as commodities, shares, stocks, and bonds.

A smart trader would know the importance of working with a regulated forex broker who is reliable and very much understands the nitty-gritty of the forex market. To be successful in your trading, it is then a must you hire the melhores corretoras forex when deciding to work with one. As forex traders, you want to always strive for the best, make the most of the excellent trading conditions, and trade with the top prices in the market. Getting a trusted forex trader is one way to help you achieve this.

Why Is It A Great Place To Trade?

A great number of traders opt to trade in the Forex market since they are able to have a good understand as to why it is the most excellent marketplace to trade. Forex traders explore the possibilities of the trading market as well as get hold of every potential opportunity that are available to them. So what makes the Forex market appealing and a great place to trade? Below are only a few of the many:


For you to make money, you obtain an asset for a good price, and expect to chuck out this asset. When the market is more volatile, you will have more opportunities to secure as well as get rid of these assets you hole. Otherwise, there is little to no sense holding your capital if there isn’t any movement in the market. In fact, volatility is the reason why the Forex marketplace is great, which is why traders constantly look for markets and instruments that are volatile.


Foreign Exchange is volatile and detecting movements in the market is very possible and likely. Aside from these, the Forex market is actually more accessible compared to other trading markets online. Furthermore, you could actually begin trading with as low as $100. A lot of Forex brokers operate online, making the market more accessible as you could easily register, submit all needed documents, and make a deposit in your trading account.


As mentioned earlier, the Forex marketplace is heavily monitored and the proper regulating bodies ensure forex brokers are regulated. This provides a safe and secure place to trade in.

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Quote: " Finance is not merely about making money. It's about achieving our deep goals and protectingthe fruits of our labor. It's about stewardship and, therefore, about achieving the good society. "