If your state’s Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) suspended, rather than cancelled your driving license, you can get your license back in about six months or so. That is if you have paid all fines, completed all punishments for your driving infraction and submitted all legal requirements; one of which is a document called SR 22 insurance.

What is an SR 22 Insurance and Why Will You Need It?

Actually, this is not an insurance policy but a certification that will be issued and submitted on your behalf, by your insurance provider to your state DMV. The certification makes reference to an active car insurance policy whilst attesting to the adequacy of the liability coverage making up your automobile insurance.

What Exactly is a Liability Coverage and Why Car Insurance Policies Have It

Prior to actually allowing you to drive on public roads again, the DMV will lift the driver license suspension only if you have adequate liability insurance coverage. That is the important information that your insurance provider will certify in the SR 22.

A liability insurance coverage serves as your financial protection. That is in case you become liable for injuries and damages to properties as a result of a vehicular accident involving the car covered by the policy.

Your car liability policy breaks the coverage down into three parts: the general liability coverage, the Bodily Injury Coverage and the Property Damage Coverage.

The SRR 22 certification will attest to the adequacy of the liability coverages, which must meet the minimum amount required by the state. The most common minimum amounts of liability coverage required by states are:
USD Twenty-five thousand ($25K) per person for Bodily Injury
USD Fifty Thousand ($50K) per accident for Bodily Injury
USD Twenty Thousand ($20K) per accident for Property Damage

Understand that these are only minimum amounts most states require.

Take note also that amounts of coverage can be higher. They are actually the thresholds of the amount that your insurance company will pay for in the event that you become liable for bodily injuries and property damages for being the driver at fault in a car accident.

SR-22 Insurance: Compare Quotes and Find Cheap Coverage

If you will be needing a new automobile insurance policy to satisfy the SR 22 requirement of the DMV, then that insurance policy serves as the SR 22 insurance. Bear in mind that you represent a rehabilitated driver and therefore pose higher insurance risks as far as an insurance company is concerned. The willingness of insurance companies to provide SR 22 and the related insurance can also affect the amount that the insurance company will collect as premiums. This is regardless of a state’s lower minimum liability coverage requirement.

In such cases, it’s important to first compare quotes coming from different insurance providers so you can find and opt for a cheaper SR 22 insurance. coverage.

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