In the current environment of low-interest rates, the money in the savings account yields hardly any interest. Those who invest their money have a higher chance of a good return. Luckily, investing is not as complicated as many people think and even beginners can make more out of their money in the future.

Many people are comfortable with their trusted banks to handle their savings accounts. The thought of investing your money instead of saving it makes many people uneasy. “Is that really safe?”, “Don’t I have to have a lot more money for this?”, “Am I not taking too much risk?” and “This is all far too difficult!” – these are the thoughts many novice investors have.

Anyone can become an investor. Everything you need to know to get started is explained here. Also why it is worth investing money at all: The savings accounts in Switzerland only yield little interest. Depending on how high the savings amount is, savers are even charged negative interest. One of the reasons for this is that the Swiss National Bank (SNB) wants to ensure that the strong Swiss franc does not appreciate any further with low-interest rates – which would not be good for the Swiss economy.

Investments promise higher returns than savings accounts

This is precisely why it is also worthwhile for savers to invest their savings in securities. Because stocks, bonds, funds and the like usually yield higher returns in the long term than savings accounts do – even for those who do not want to take the full risk.

Don’t miss the right time! When should I invest my money?

Those who invest for the first time are often a bit afraid of investing at the “wrong” time. For example, when prices on the stock exchange are high and the investments are correspondingly expensive. However, those who invest in the long term need not be influenced by this: Historically, the markets have risen in the long term.

It is advisable to invest your own money in stages – for example monthly, every six months or annually. This significantly reduces the risk of investing large sums of money at the “wrong” time. Fund savings plans, with which investors can invest a freely selectable amount in a fund every month, are particularly suitable for this.

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Only something for millionaires? How much money do I need to be able to invest?

It is of course a myth that investments are only suitable for people who have millions in their accounts. Good long-term returns can be achieved even with small amounts . The fund savings plan mentioned, for example, is particularly suitable for investors who cannot or do not want to invest large sums at once, but would rather invest a certain amount every month. But even one-off investments in funds are possible with small sums.

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