Paying with your credit card in a restaurant or store and getting a notification that it is declined easily puts as in an embarrassing situation. This is true if you are first in long queue or worse, this is the only payment option you have.

How Credit Card and Payment Terminals Communicate?

As soon as the cashier has swiped your card, the payment system will automatically communicate with the issuer. This is to determine the customer has a valid credit card and if you have sufficient funds left to complete the transaction.

There are several reasons why your card may be declined.

For instance, it could be that there’s a miscommunication between the issuer and you or, it may be because of the reason that something you have done with your account.

Why Your Credit Card is Decline?

It may be a reason as well that you lack of credits. The credit available would be the difference between your credit limit and credit card balance. Another potential reason for the decline transaction is that, your account has been closed.

Credit card issuers have the power of closing credit line without prior notice for various reasons. It could be that they have sent you a letter but you happen not to receive it.

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