With the upswing of cryptocurrency came the best bitcoin trading bots for profits to make crypto trading uncomplicated as well as less laborious. This simply shows how cryptocurrency has now nestled into human societies across the world.

Since its introduction in 2009, the technology on blockchain and cryptocurrency had been discussed and debated on by many as it appears to be among of the major trends in today’s modern age. From the news to social media as well as the government, there’s constantly something to be said that’s related to cryptocurrency.

Blockchain technology, the foundation behind crypto, is unquestionably depicted as a main disruptor of the worldwide process of business. But then, it is evident that more attention is given to cryptocurrencies than to the blockchain. A lot of entrepreneurs joined in to form campaigns on Initial Coin Offering (ICO), marketing tokens to the people and earning millions of bucks.

In almost a decade, a great deal has come about in the space of cryptocurrency. But, has cryptocurreny and the blockchain technology really disrupted and/or influenced the global economy?

Challenging the Dominance of the US Dollar

Predominantly, the global economy depends on the United States Dollar as it is the global economy’s reserve currency. This displays the ascendency of the U.S. in global economic as well as in political affairs. All mainstream fiscal players from around the world operate in the market of the US. Hence, any disturbances in the financial market of the US will at all times propel repercussions across the globe.

Basically, the Treasury of the U.S. is, by right or not, the Central Bank of the world. To sustain this ascendency, standards of the USD must be sustained. This is a type of centralization that is immensely being disrupted by the operations of cryptocurrency.

With the appearance of Bitcoin as well as more than a thousand other cryptocoins, financial dealings are becoming decentralized on an immense level. These decentralized dealings are without of any kind of recourse to the USD. This then alters the aspects of global trade, foreign affairs, diplomacy, as well as the influence of sanctions on economics. There were efforts and initiatives for the global economy to be “de-dollarize”, and the blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies appear to be an bona fide way of realizing that aim.

Nations such as Russia as well as Venezuela have contemplated on making cryptos that is state-owned. In December of 2017, Nicolás Maduro, the Venezuelan President, revealed the launched of a digital currency that is backed by oil (“petro” backed) to aid in moving the nation outside of a damaging inflation caused by the economic sanctions that is US-led. This faculty that functions as a getaway for nations suffering from harsh economic sanctions and redirect them to global economic house is a considerable strike on the dollar. Another example is North Korea who has attempted to use digital currency to escape rigid and harsh economic sanctions.

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